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Coats of arms for the WELLER name

There are several WELLER coats of arms. At least one was granted to a German WELLER family and another to Hieronymus WELLER von MOLSDORF (1499-1572) or a descendant. One of the English ones has white chevronels and roses on the shield and the motto 'Steady.' These arms were granted in 1672 to Richard WELLER, Rector of Warbilton (now spelt Warbleton) in Sussex.

I learnt that it was not uncommon for people in C18 and C19 to 'adopt' a coat of arms granted to someone of the same surname but quite regardless of any genetic link.

[Richard Morton Weller]

On 3 May 1672 Sir Edward Bysshe, Clarence King of Arms.allowed the following Arms and Crest to 'Richard Weller, Batchilor in Divinity of Warbilton in Sussex: Sable two chevronels between three Roses Argent. Crest: A Greyhound's head erased Sable holding in mouth a Rose slipped Gules, leaves Vert. Motto: Steady.'


The WELLER arms,
embroidered by the late
Colonel Eric Weller

Heraldic terms:
argent = white
erased = with jagged edge
gules = red
or = gold or yellow
sable = black
slipped = oblique cut, torn from stem
vert = green
The following coats of arms were provided by [Peter.M.Slocombe]



Weller family crest
(Note the similarity to the version above)

Weller Coat of Arms, Family Crest

From Germany. Possibly granted to a German WELLER family or to Hieronymus WELLER von MOLSDORF (1499-1572) or a descendant.

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