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Mary Barbara PANTIN
Born: 1904
Died: 1984-03-13 (aged 80 years)
Buried: Berrick Salome churchyard
= Married  =
on: 1934
at: Isle of Man
Arthur Palmer WELLER
Father: George Arthur WELLER
Mother: Adelaide Eliza PALMER
Born: 1905-11-14
Died: 1982-03-04 (aged 76 years)
Buried: Berrick Salome churchyard
Children:   |
Born: 19xx
Born: 19xx

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[From :John Botting]

 Mary Barbara Pantin was born into a distinguished medical family on the Isle of Man and her older sister is the face on one of the 50p stamps featuring "Manx Worthies" on the Isle of Man.

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