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Elizabeth HICKMAN
Born: 1769
Died: 1851-10-23 (aged 82 years)
Buried: St. Mary's, Amersham, England.
= Married  =
Father: William WELLER
Mother: Ann HOUSE
Born: 1759
Died: 1843-12-24 (aged 84 years)
Buried: St Mary's, Amersham, England.
Children:   |
Born: 1805
Died: 1810-10-26

Further information for Elizabeth HICKMAN.

Birth place: Daventry


Gravestone inscription

John Weller departed this life 24th. December 1843 in the 85th. year of his age.

Also Elizabeth his widow departed this life October 23rd. 1851 age 82 years.

Also Katharine his [first] wife who departed this life

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