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Father: Alexander James GRAHAM
Mother: Mary Janet Alison WELLER
Born: 1932-04-30
Died: 2010-03-06 (aged 77 years)
= Married  =
on: 1955-07-23
= Married (2) =
on: 1963-08-31
Bruce Thomas MARSHALL
Born: 1935-12-02
Died: 2011 (aged 75 years)
Children:   |

Born: 19xx
J C.
Born: 19xx

Further information for Joan GRAHAM.

Profession: Music teacher
Domiciles: New Hampshire


When 15 was Canadian national record holder for the 220m dash and would have been in the Olympic team but was too young. PhD in Musicology, played and taught classical piano at Exeter Academy New Hampshire and The Groton School (both Ivy League.)

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