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Hine Wharehuia (Mary) ERIHANA
Father: Daniel ELLISON
Mother: Hana Nani WELLER
Born: 1871-09-05
Died: 1909-05-06 (aged 37 years)
Buried: Waikanae

Further information for Hine Wharehuia ERIHANA.

Birth place: Waikouaiti, New Zealand.


[From Phillip Kerrigan: I have the name Hine Wharehuia instead of the Hineiwhari you have. This lady was my great grandmother.

Hine Wharehuia Ellison married George Ropata. They had eight children. She died giving birth to my grandfather so he was passed on to Hine Wharehuia sister Catherine Ellison, thus she married a Kerrigan, so my Grandfather took on the name Kerrigan.]

The family name in English is Ellison which is equivalent to Erihana in Maori.

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