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Florence Mabel (May) WELLER
Father: George Brion WELLER
Mother: Mary HUGHES
Born: 1875
= Married  =
on: 1905

Further information for Florence Mabel WELLER.

Birth place: Wycombe. Born 3rd Q 1875


[From: Julia Weller]
There was no sister named Florence Mabel.  Florence Rush married George, the oldest son.  May be that's where that name came from?
[Julia Weller]

? Florence Mabel WELLER married someone with the surname of LYFORD in 4th Q of 1913. ?

[From RMW, 5-Sep-12.
Winifred WELLER married Joseph LYFORD Q4 1913.
Florence Mabel WELLER married Joseph GOODALL Q4 1905.
Norah WELLER married Stuart JANES in Q2 1909.

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