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Arthur Julius WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Edith Emma AYLWARD
Born: 1884-08-17
Died: 1922-10-04 (aged 38 years)
Buried: Malay Peninsular
= Married  =
on: 1909-12-21
Marjorie HUME-SPRY
Born: 1882-12-22
Died: 1966 (aged 83 years)
Buried: Long Handboro
Children:   |
Marjorie Olive
Born: 1910-11-02
Died: 2002-04-10
Arthur Leighton Hume
Born: 1915-05-24
Died: 1953-04-23
Alec Wadsworth
Born: 1919-02-04
Died: 1921-12-08

Further information for Arthur Julius WELLER.

Birth place: Blackwell Hall Buckinghamshire.
Profession: Assistant school master. Director of education.
Domiciles: Oxford. Shewsbury. The Malay Peninsular.


Born August 17th 1884 at Blackwell Hall Buckinghamshire. Educated: Bedford Grammar school. Scholar of Worcester College Oxford. Married Marjorie Hume Spry December 21st 1909. Children: Arthur and Margaret (Peggy). Also another son who died in infancy (Alec). Assistant school master at St. Edwards, Oxford and Shewsbury. He went to the Malay Peninsular as Director of Education and died there October 4th 1922 aged 38.

Arthur Julius committed suicide in 1922.

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