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Our name has been said to mean 'dweller by a spring or well' or 'a salt boiler' from O.E. wielle = bubbling up. The earliest record is of Richard le Weller in Sussex, 1272 (Feet of Fines), then Gregory Wellor in Cumberland, 1332. There is Eustacius le Weler in the Cartulary of Eynsham in the mid-14th.C, he 'held from the lord one messuage with half a virgate of land for an annual rent of 6 shillings'.

The earliest ancestors we have found were the Wellers of Warborough in Oxfordshire, England, but we know nothing about them apart from what is recorded in the registers, where the name is sometimes spelled Wheler but in the next generation is Weller again. We have found many variations of spelling, such as Welled and Welhead, which we are sure refer to the same family. At Warborough there is the spelling of William with two y's Wyllyam. There is no record of his burial there, and the only other William-with-a-y we have seen, among many Williams, was buried at Benson, some two miles away, where some of the family from Berrick Prior or Berrick Salome were buried also. This leads us to believe the family had moved to Berrick from Warborough.

Our group of Wellers from Oxfordshire, England are a relatively small group. As yet we have found no connection to the Wellers of Kent, England. The Wellers of Kent may be descendants of immigrants from Europe, including Germany where there are many times more Wellers than in England.

These pages are a collection of work by many people who have uncovered or recorded the history of the Weller family over the years. This branch of the family was originally geographically focused in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England but ancestors have been traced to America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The objective behind displaying this information on the WEB is;

  1. To provide other Wellers throughout the globe with the benefit of this collected information.
  2. To prompt others to provide more information to add to this database. If you have additional information about this or related branches of the Weller family please email it to Malcolm Weller.

Contributors are;

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